Amplify 2023


Rashad V. Chambers & Dr. Kate Cerulli

Celebrating Leyton Award Recipient:
Alex sanchez of homies unidos

“We are thrilled to honor these remarkable individuals and organizations at our Amplify 2023 Gala. Each of them has made an indelible impact on our community and embodies the spirit of compassion, resilience, and dedication that Houses on the Moon stands for. Rashad V. Chambers, with his Tony award-winning brilliance and invaluable contributions to our board, has been an unwavering pillar of support for our mission. Dr. Kate Cerulli’s groundbreaking work in mental health and her commitment to the arts have brought immense healing and awareness to countless lives. And Homies Unidos, with their tireless efforts to promote peace and uplift marginalized voices, has been a beacon of hope in our society. Together, they exemplify the power of storytelling and its potential to bridge divides, inspire change, and foster a more empathetic world. We are deeply grateful for their partnership and are honored to recognize their extraordinary achievements.”

Emily Joy Weiner, Co-Founder & Artistic Director of Houses on the Moon

Join Houses on the Moon Theater Company on Monday, October 2nd at 6:30 pm at Green Room 42 for an incredible evening of performances and celebration! Click on the AMPLIFY 2023 Digital Program below to learn more about Houses on the Moon, our honorees, the evening line up and much more!

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Houses on the Moon’s 2023 AMPLIFY gala will take place on Oct. 2nd, 2023 at 6:30pm at Green Room 42 (4th Floor, Yotel, 570 10th Ave). Tickets include a rooftop cookout, open bar, live music, featured performances, special guests, and the presentation of the Mauricio Leyton Award!

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AMPLIFY 2023 Sponsors

Honorary Committee

Organizing Committee

  • Laurie Bernhard
  • Jane Dubin
  • Michael and Julia Fiore
  • Sheree and Duriel Garner
  • Tracey and Justin Guinyard
  • Justin Miller
  • Amy and Lenny Price
  • Cheryl Wiesenfeld
  • Ruth Zowader
  • Ahmad Bakrin
  • Kevin Connor
  • Emily Cordes
  • Susan Goodwillie
  • Amy Marie Haven
  • Christian Kassab
  • Janel Scarborough
  • Emily Joy Weiner

Board of Directors

advisory Board

  • Rashad V. Chambers
  • Kevin Connor
  • R. Erin Craig
  • Jane Dubin
  • Melvina Douse
  • Amy Gottlieb
  • Nakia Hamlett
  • Jeremy Handelman
  • Jennifer Isaacson
  • Jeffrey Rosenstock
  • Susan Shah
  • Jeffrey Solomon
  • Melissa Springs
  • Emily Joy Weiner
  • Warren Adams
  • Jamie DeRoy
  • Dina Janis
  • Hal Luftig
  • Nelle Nugent
  • Lisa Rothe
  • David Rothenberg
  • Drew Tagliabue
  • Cheryl Wiesenfeld

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For all Gala-related inquiries, please contact Susan Goodwillie at [email protected]