The Architects


All HOTM projects are created through a unique development process to generate original plays based on a demonstrated social need. Through this process we create theater that is both artistically original and of service; high quality work presented on the professional stage, and also employed by communities as a tool for civic engagement, education, support and professional training.

HOTM supports the development of new work through our the Architects Creators Group, a collective of diverse and multi-disciplined artists who have a shared passion for the HOTM mission. Each artist comes to the group with a seed idea for a project that falls within our company’s mission of amplifying unheard voices. Through our extensive network of community organizations, HOTM pairs each artist with support/resources to develop their project.

Architects meet monthly to present research, project updates and ideas. We strive to fully produce at least 1-2  projects from this group each year, while continuing to develop the others through readings and workshops.

The Architects Creators Group is made up of three components: 

Architect Fellows 2022

Jeremy Kamps


This project will explore the experience for Black and Latinx birthing persons. Through community discussions and workshops that include theater artists and community members, this project will shape a story that contributes to the dialogue and heightening consciousness around what it means for Black or Latinx persons to give birth in America. 

Renee Flemings


Moments in a life…. like drops in the ocean. This solo show, written and performed by Renee ́ Flemings, celebrates the life of one of the most prolific artists of the Harlem Renaissance.

The Architects

Camilo Almonacid
Jenny Bacon
Ian Eaton
Renee ́ Flemings
Susan Goodwillie
Zuleyma Guevara
Michael A. Jones
Jeremy J. Kamps
Kimmarie Elle
Jeffrey Solomon
Joanne Solomon
Emily Joy Weiner

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