The Unheard Voice… Amplified

Our Mission

Houses on the Moon Theater Company was founded in 2001 with a mission to dispel ignorance and isolation through the theatrical amplification of unheard voices. Through creative workshops, original performances, post-show conversations, and accessible ticketing, Houses on the Moon unites communities through the public sharing of untold stories.

Current Projects

HOTEL HAPPY explores American-Colombian relationships from a farcical lens, using the power of absurdity to reflect a troubling and sad reality that the decimating effects of war displaces us all.
Houses on the Moon is raising $35,000 before May 31st for our 2024 production of HOTEL HAPPY, a new play by Camilo Almonacid. Please BUILD WITH US to bring this amazing project to the stage!
A new play by Houses on the Moon’s Co-Founder and Artistic Director, Emily Joy Weiner.