Tessie Herrasti

Tessie Herrasti is a multifaceted actress, writer, and filmmaker who uses her diverse talents and experiences to create diverse stories. Born in Mexico and based in NYC, she has a unique background that blends her love for languages and community with her expertise in drama, conflict resolution, and expressive art facilitation. She is passionate about promoting mental health awareness, justice, and equality through her work. Tessie has performed professionally on stage and in film in various cities around the world, including Mexico, Paris, Los Angeles, Sydney, El Paso, and New York. She is currently developing a TV series, Jewels of Light, based on her original novel, and a short proof of concept that has received over 26 awards, including Best Female Empowerment Short, Best Fantasy Short, and an honorable mention for original story. The main theme, composed by Omar El Deeb (The Mandalorian, The Sound of Silence) with her lyrics, won Best Original Soundtrack and Best Original Song. Her dream is to turn her project 85’ into a theater piece that pays tribute to the devastating earthquake in Mexico City. She is a certified Social-Emotional Arts Facilitator and a frequent staff member for the Expressive Therapies Summit for Mental Health. She believes that compassion and kindness are the keys to positive change. She has studied at The National Dramatic Art Conservatory in Mexico City, The Tom Todoroff Acting Conservatory in New York, The Acting Class with David Gideon (Lee Strasberg’s Mentee), and Shakespeare with Mary Lou Rosato and Andrew Wade. She has also completed the Drama Therapy Principles with international Drama Therapist Armand Volkas. In her free time, you can find her playing the Irish harp, reading and exploring her curiosity for myths and folklore from different cultures and playing goofy inventing songs for her cat Lenu. She is thrilled and grateful to join Hotel Happy as her first Equity Contract and to collaborate with its amazing team of creative artists.