Robb Leigh Davis

Robb Leigh Davis is a Brooklyn-based artist/educator. Creatively developing at the intersections of politics, race and sexuality, his educational projects are rooted in social justice through literacy and language arts. He is creator of the performance series Meditation on Theme and has worked extensively within NYC schools directing K-12 programming and the development of curriculum and protocols. He served as Director of Arts & Culture for the LGBT Center of NY and was a selected playwright for the Tectonic Theater Project’s LGBT Theater Artists of Color Training Lab. In partnership with Brooklyn College/GLARE (GLBTQ Advocacy in Research & Education) he has presented commissioned performances for the National Network for Education Renewal Conferences in CT and TX and the Shepard Symposium on Social Justice in WY. His work has been presented as part of the Dixon Place HOT! Festival, the NY Fringe Festival, The Vanderbilt Republic and Midheaven Network. His creative works include AMERICANBLACKOUT, Syndrome, The Glam Factor, The Homosexual Agenda and We the People.