Cristina Hernandez

Cristina Hernandez is a New York City teaching artist with Enact, and site director for a middle school in the Bronx. She hails from the Dominican Republic and was raised in the Bronx. She is an actress, writer, and director. Cristina got her start with the CityKids Repertory Company, of which she is a founding member. With CityKids, she helped develop original theater to educate youth about issues including racism, violence, child abuse, animal cruelty, and the environment; she toured the US doing environmental education on the Earth Train. She was also featured on the Jim Henson CityKids show on ABC-TV. She has been seen on the Oprah Winfrey show, and has been in numerous plays, readings, and public service videos. She was last seen in De Novo at Houses on The Moon Theater Company, the Writer’s in Performance workshop, and is currently working on her one woman show. She uses her comedic talents to make learning fun. She has travelled throughout Spain to promote an independent film that dealt in part with mental health issues, and recently completed a public health education video for Metropolitan Hospital.