Aaliytha stevens

AALIYTHA STEVENS is the Founder of Ashé Collective, a consulting firm specializing in Audience Development and Operational Strategy. She serves as the Chief Strategy Officer at Art House, and the Director of Strategic Planning and Cultural Affairs at Houses on the Moon Theater Company. Additionally, she is the Co-founder of Building Community, a values-driven Multimedia Communications company dedicated to being architects of transformation and collective prosperity.

Prior to these ventures, Aaliytha served as the Chief Operating Officer at Spotco, a global theatrical design and advertising agency, where she worked for 21 years.

Aaliytha is passionate about philanthropic giving so she founded Essential Development Group Inc, a not-for-profit focused on community development activities and uplifting youth. As such, she developed the Bedford to Broadway program in collaboration with LIU Brooklyn’s Liberty Partnership. She also dedicates time to developing fair workplace practices, and equity and diversity throughout the Broadway industry (and beyond). Aaliytha is a trendsetter and cultural shaper, improving statistics from the root up. As such, she is on the boards of the Black Theatre Coalition (BTC) and the New Heritage Theatre Group. She’s a member of the advisory council of National Black Theatre’s (NBT) Catalyst Seeding Permanence, and The Theatre Leadership Project (TTLP). She co-chairs the Multicultural Task Force at the Broadway League while sitting on their EDI and Business Development Committees. Proudly, she is a member of the Broadway Women’s Alliance (BWA) and Women of Color in the Arts (WOCA).